Dr. Vishakha Kawathekar
Coordinator, Masters programme in Architecture (Conservation)
Department of Architecture
9755590393  Ext-204

Doctor of Philosophy (Museology) National Museum Institute, Delhi, India
Master of Architecture (Architectural Conservation), School of Planning and Architeture, New Delhi
Bachelor of Architecture, MIET Gondia/Nagpur University

Institute Responsibilities:
Coordinator, Center for Cultural Knowledge Sytems

Courses Taught:
Undergraduate level:
1. Elective on Conservation
Postgraduate level: M Arch (Conservation)
1. Research Approaches and Humanities
2. History of Conservation
3. Regeneration
4. Sacred Landscape
5. Project formulation and Appraisal
6. Conservation Studio on Cultural Landscape

Areas of Research/Study:
1. Ashapuri Temple Project
2. Preception, Interpretation and Memory